Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weather Alert Radio SAME

Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Certified S.A.M.E. Weather Hazard Alert Radio

  • DeLuxe Table Top, AM/M Clock Radio
  • All Hazards SAME Weather Radio
  • Receives all NOAA Weather Channels & Reports
  • Certified Public Alert Radio
  • LCD Dimmer & Contrast Control
Midland seems to be the standard to which all other weather radios are compared. Sangean's latest entry into the market really proves who is on top.

Midland radios are ubiquitous. Every store that sells weather radios displays them prominently. Unfortunately their build quality and feature set have taken steps backward in recent years. The last one I bought had a faulty antenna. Almost all the "top" receivers use the same, blocky, 16-character alphanumeric display they used 10 years ago.

Sangean's CL-100 greatly improves on readability with a nice pixel LCD display. The best features are EOM (End of Message) muting, the ability to switch off the alert siren for unwanted alerts (like thunderstorm watch). It also comes with a nice external antenna. The radio can set its own clock via a local FM station's RDS signal. The controls and user interface are leaps and bounds above any competitor's offerings. It could work perfectly as a combination weather and clock radio for the bedside, even offering stereo output for nicer speakers, although the internal mono speaker isn't a slouch.

The only cons I can think of have to do with the display itself. Although it's great, its lowest backlight setting is still too bright for my bedside. Also, there is no way to adjust the display's angle, making it hard to read unless the radio is at a level well below the bed, whatever the contrast setting. If not used as a clock radio in the bedroom, it's perfect.

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