Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weather Alert Clock Radio

Weather Alert Clock Radio

Midland WR11 AM/FM Clock Radio with NOAA All Hazard Weather Alert

  • Receives NOAA Weather Broadcasts
  • AM/FM Clock Radio with Snooze
  • Auto Override switches from Radio to Alerts
  • Over 60 Emergency Alerts
  • Battery Back up during Power Outage
Radio is just what I wanted. It was smaller than I had expected but that has proven to be a benefit as I don't have much room on my nightstand. This unit replaces a older clock weather radio which was having trouble with drift or staying on the station. This unit has all the weather bands preprogrammed so there is no drift.

The sound it good and there are different alert modes for weather bulletins. Believe me the "siren" mode can wake even the heaviest sleeper! Fortunately, there are other, quieter modes (voice, LED light) to alert you when severe weather threatens your area.

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