Friday, June 1, 2012

Severe Weather Alert Radio

Sangean PR-D9W AM/FM Severe Weather Alert Radio

Product Description:

Hand held radio; am/fm NOAA digital weather alerts; dual alarm by buzzer or radio; weather alert/siren; uses rechargeable or alkaline batteries; includes rechargeable battery

  • Digital Weather Alert
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Weather Alert Siren
  • 19 Presets
  • Snooze function, Dual Alarms
I'd never heard of Sangean before searching on the web for a high quality weather radio with AM/FM and multiple power options, but its PR-D9W is a high-quality radio indeed. As others have noted, a critical plus here is its tuner seems very sensitive so that even weak stations that my component stereo tuner has trouble picking up, it seems to pick up quite clearly. It can be set to receive the emergency messages from the NWS and here in Southern California, it picks up the Oxnard/San Gabriel Mountains transmitter, as well as the Riverside and San Bernardino County transmissions.

It also has some very cool pluses like 19 programmable presets (which can store any combination of AM and FM stations), nice backlighted display, digital tuning and scanning (a big plus over analog tuning, in my opinion), sleep timer and alarm clock functions, and can be powered by 4-AA batteries (either alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable) or via its AC adapter. Finally, though it's only a monophonic radio, its sound is above average, and music sounds pretty good.

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